What is "one"?

12/21/20221 min read

Boundries to one:

To us humans, oneness is what defines our self individuality. While the matter of individuality can be studied in various levels, the aim of this text is to find the boubndires whithin a materialistic level.

In our minds, everything in universe can be defined as a seperate entity when descrbed with proper aaspects and boundries. This includes vast galaxies down to some level of sub-atomic particles. When it comes to massive structures in the universe, it might seem pretty easy to determine th eboundaries. However, the more fine grain we look into the constructive modules of universe, the harder it gets to determine the boundaries. 

Consider a little stone in a beach. On molucular level, it has specific molucules that distinguishes the stone from its surroundings. On atomic and sub atomic layers though, it shares the same charachteristics with its surrounding objects, like the sand in the beach, the water that has made the stone wet or the air that passes by.

If our means of observation is replaces by super magnifying microscopes that could show us the molucular and atomic or even sub atomic constructuion of the universe, all we would see is a change of pattern from one construction structure to the other and not necessarily defining boudaries for those change of patterns.